We're joining Mantel Group!

Sean Woodhouse

Sean Woodhouse


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Today marks an important day in our journey at Itty Bitty Apps. We’ve achieved some extraordinary things over the past 13 years, including the design, development and support of some of the most popular mobile apps in Australia, as well as creating one of the most respected iOS developer tools in Reveal. Along the way we have attracted an amazingly talented, kind, and generous team who make Itty Bitty Apps an incredible place to work.

With sights firmly on our future, we set about seeing how we could do things differently; to leap ahead while doubling down on all the things we already do well. And that’s where Mantel Group comes in. Operating under a house of brands structure, Mantel Group has grown to over 500 people strong in only four years and has seven diverse brands, each with their own specialisations. They had a gap in their mobile development offering; we needed help scaling the business; discussions ensued.

Today, I am really excited to announce that Itty Bitty Apps will become the eighth brand in the Mantel Group portfolio! Reveal is coming along too, and we have some really cool things in the works to show you all in the coming months.

With Mantel Group behind us and complementary brands to work alongside, I’m looking forward to growing the team and having an even bigger impact in the Australian market. Just as important, we are excited to be joining an organisation that was named as #1 in the 2021 Australia’s Best Place to Work list and reflects the values we have established at Itty Bitty Apps over the past 13 years.

A big thankyou to everyone who has been a part of our journey over the years. We couldn’t have got here without your support, and we’re looking forward to many exciting years ahead!