Wait, who are we again?

Glad you asked. Founded in 2009, Itty Bitty Apps is now one of the most respected mobile consulting and product development companies in Australia. We’ve worked with big names like SEEK, Sensis, realestate.com.au, Lonely Planet and Latitude Financial to bring category-leading mobile apps to market. We’re a team that’s renowned for our passion, obsession with great user experience, software engineering and design.

An Itty Bitty App presents the Itty Bitty Apps logo.

Mobile dev meets personal dev.

We’re devs, true but at Itty Bitty Apps we like to think that we make more than apps. We’re also into those other kinds of development – personal development, career development, and growing our positive, respectful company culture.

All the curiosity, care and creativity we put into building apps, we also put into building each other up.

Our principal Android dev Luke, at work. Nabila shows June some SwiftUI.

Join our team.

When you work at Itty Bitty Apps, you’ll be doing big things – in your career, in your personal growth, in your contribution to the world.