Xcode and the case of the disappearing quick help

Oliver Jones

Oliver Jones

Technical Director

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Recently I was coding in Xcode 5 (not something I tend to do much as an AppCode user), and I noticed a bug when trying to view the quick help for a symbol. This is usually done by option clicking on a symbol in the Xcode editor pane. The quick help popup window would show up and then rapidly shrink down to nothing. Most mysterious.

You can see this effect in the embedded video below.

This behaviour is not good, so I filed it as a bug with Apple (rdar://15285710). Apple’s bug report team helpfully got back to me today and I was informed that if I removed an Xcode preference the problem would go away.

I made sure Xcode wasn’t running and then issued the following defaults command at the terminal command line:

defaults delete com.apple.dt.Xcode WebKitJavaScriptEnabled

On relaunching Xcode the quick help popup was back to behaving as it should. Great success!