Making apps that make our everyday.

We make seriously good apps.

At Itty Bitty Apps, we’re dedicated to native mobile apps, which means we do one thing. And we do it pretty darn well.

An Itty Bitty App presents an app.

We’ve been involved in app development for a decade, since the early days, which means we have seriously deep, nuanced knowledge about what can be done, and what can be done better. That means our client list contains some big names — like ANZ, Seek and — as well as some of the most brave and clever emerging businesses too.

A few of the companies we've worked with

And we make seriously good app makers.

Not surprisingly, the core of our job is all about designing, coding, testing and launching apps. But at the same time, we have a solid industry rep as a business that builds people as well as products. We're proud of our educational initiatives, and we spend a serious amount of time on mentoring, community events and conferences that help build the industry for the future. It’s the way we’ve always worked, and we’ve found it makes our team stronger — and your apps better.

An Itty Bitty App reads along with a person.

We help build internal teams, too.

Our knack for assembling robust teams doesn’t end with us. Within various larger, corporate clients, we’ve also helped build embedded mobile capability, establishing the processes and the people they need to get the job done both now, and in the future. Because while we love being needed, sometimes the best job we can do is to make ourselves totally unnecessary.

Building the ideas that build the industry.

We don’t just spend all our time making apps. We’ve also devoted some serious brainpower to creating ideas and tools that help the industry.

Like Reveal: a first-of-its-kind tool that thousands of devs around the world use to make app-development easier.

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